About Us

We all have been in situations where we have needed quick insight on any issue that may relate to our personal life, work or business, relationships or religion but might get confused on the best resource to get this, given the numerous sources of information readily available to us today.

We believe that millions of people out there require quality information to make critical and informed decisions daily to better their lives and most of the world's most useful information has been readily learned or experienced by people, which they can share with others based on personal insight or knowledge.

Our unique "Ask an Expert" platform provides this opportunity for you, as an expert, to engage with millions of people to provide instant direction, advise or consultation using our mobile or web portal solution. The world is a much richer place when the right information is shared and here we are giving millions of customers' access to you to create more value.

"Ask an Expert" is a unique solution that creates this access to the relevant and quick insight anyone may need through "Live Chat" consultations or customer service, where you as an expert (Organization or Individual), can instantly provide quality insight to customers and also earn fees, if desired depending on the Connection package you are on.

We have a wide array of categories ranging from relationships, spirituality, entrepreneurship, managing a business, student guidance and career counseling; and most especially specialized services such as legal, tax or health matters.

Experience the easiest way to create more value from your existing knowledge through our live chat platform. This is a Value Added Service (VAS) beyond just receiving periodic tips or researching on the web.