Ask an Expert - FAQ

What is Ask an Expert?

It is a unique and professional live chat consulting platform where Individual and Corporate Experts can directly share insight, expertise, and information, and connect with users on issues or enquiries that mobile customers may want to ask.

The platform can also be used by Corporate Organizations as a direct Customer Service handle for customers to directly engage customer service personnel on the company's products or services via live chats, as an alternative option to accessibility.

Why "Live Chats" and not other mediums of communication?

Following current global trends, communication via live chat has substantially exceeded both voice calls and social media usage traffic. Live chat is now the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way of communicating with people both locally and internationally.

How can I be on the "Ask an Expert" platform?

You can register as an Individual Expert OR Corporate Organisation on "Ask an Expert" platform via OR download the mobile app via your Google play store (also on MTN app store)..

How do I register?

On the web portal homepage, click the Expert Registration on the homepage, click sign up, select the registration type either as “Individual Registration” if you are registering as an Individual Expert or “Organization Registration” if you are registering as an Organization. On the mobile app, click new account, select the registration type either as “Individual Registration” if you are registration as an Individual Expert or “Organization Registration” if you are registering as an Organization.

Do Experts need an MTN line to be able to register on Ask an Expert Platform?

No, Experts are not required to have an MTN line and are not limited by mobile operator networks.

Will Experts have to pay to be on the "Ask an Expert"?

Expert Connection Plans have been streamlined to accommodate experts at various levels. For the Platinum or Gold plans, there is a one-time setup fee to be charged to enable us carry out more detailed assessments and verifications of the claimed expertise by experts desiring to charge higher consulting fees.

The Silver plan is free

The Diamond plan is free and targeted for organizations wanting to use the platform as a customer service engagement service. The diamond plan is also available for individual experts who want to offer free live chat services to enquiring mobile network customers.

For Corporate Organisations, each Expert registered under the organization’s account, the connection plan value will be accumulated on the organization’s account admin profile and will be required to be paid from the admin account on behalf of the registered experts under the organisation. Please review our "How it works" page on for more details of the different connection plans and the criteria assigned to each.

Why must Experts be verified before becoming "Active and Accessible"?

It is important to protect our customers by ensuring only verifiable experts in the chosen specialities are duly registered and available for them to engage. This is to ensure that the service can deliver the required value of the appropriate information or insight by experts being passed to customers for making informed decisions.

What is the time frame for verification process?

Given the required information while registering it should take 3-5 working days. However, incomplete provision of information will delay verification process.

Why is my registration rejected and not approved?

Experts or Corporate organisations registration can be rejected, due to the following reasons:

  • If profile details are incomplete
  • Expertise in particular speciality selected cannot be independently verified
  • Lack of adequate documentation or supporting evidence for the sensitive specialities like health.

How do I know when I have been approved?

An email notification will be sent to you, notifying you of the progress of your approval.

When do I make payment for Platinum or Gold Connection Plans?

After your profile has been verified and meets the criteria to be approved on the plan. You will be required to proceed to make an online payment via available Webpay Payment Gateway of the Interswitch platform, of the approved connection plan amount. An email notification will be sent to you of the status of this transaction which will also serve as an official receipt.

How do Experts know when they are Active on Ask an Expert?

An email notification will be sent to experts notifying them of the SUCCESSFUL status of their registrations. Once "Activated" you will be required to login to the platform via your mobile app or web portal on to become accessible on platform. Experts are expected to remain logged on their portals (easier via the mobile app) to be readily visible for enquiring customers i.e. ONLY experts that are ONLINE i.e. If you are not logged in, you will not be visible.

How do customers engage me on Ask an Expert platform?

It is advisable to ALWAYS remain signed in to your Ask an Expert portal (easier via mobile app) as this gives you visibility for mobile customers to review your profile and initiate live chats. You will get a chat request notification on either your mobile app (just like any other live chat service (e.g. whatsapp, viber) or login via website portal like (e.g. yahoo messenger). However in addition, the live chat request prompt will also include the requesting mobile customers profile picture and name. This is to enable experts be endeared in advance of the stranger, requesting for a live chat with them. Experts have the option to either Accept OR Reject the request based on availability.

How many Experts are in my Field of Speciality?

The platform enables multiple experts to be registered under any Category and speciality. This is to give the customers the freedom to choose, at their discretion, the experts that best suit their requirements based on the Expert profile details. This also enables a healthy competition for Experts to create more value to mobile customers either by charging less and ensuring their ratings are captured.

What is the Consulting fee charge range?

Based on Expert connection plans available for both Individuals & Corporates, there are default charges allocated to each plan:

Diamond Plan - Any expert (Individual and Corporate) on this connection plan cannot set a charge for live chats as this plan is strictly for FREE to customers.

Platinum Plan - Experts (Individual and Corporate) can set their own price but the default for 10 minutes live chat is NGN 1,000.00 for this plan. However, Experts on this plan can charge up to a maximum of NGN 5,000.00 or set a charge lower than NGN 1,000.00 to be more competitive. It is at the Expert’s discretion and control.

Gold Plan - Experts (Individual and Corporate) charge a maximum of NGN 500.00 for the default 10 minutes live chat. However the experts can also choose to charge lower to be more competitive among their peers in this category. It is at the Expert’s discretion and control.

Silver Plan - Experts (Individual and Corporate) charge a maximum of NGN 100.00 for the default 10 minutes live chats however the expert can also choose to charge lower to be more competitive among their peers in this category. It is at the Expert’s discretion and control.

How does the Expert Charging System work?

Once Experts choose the ACCEPT option on any live chat request prompt that comes to them from customers, the Ask an Expert system will transfer the published value of the Expert charges from the customer’s chat wallet balance to the Experts account balance on Ask an Expert.

This will be for the initial 10 minutes live chat on the timer and where the customer wishes to ADD more time, the Expert will be notified of this additional time request and again, once the Expert chooses to ACCEPT the additional time, the same process of funds transfer will occur from the customer to the experts account balance on platform.

Note: The live chat transactions can be reversed when a customer reports an incidence and our investigation validates their claims. They can be refunded the exact value of the live chat amount which will be deducted from the Experts account balance.

Can the details of Live Chats Session be viewed by others?

The live chat session between customers and experts are strictly private and confidential and is not accessible to any other party.

What type of conversations are expected to happen between Experts and Customers via live chats?

Customers, who initiate live chats with Experts at their choosing and discretion, would have reviewed the Expert's' profile in line with the experts specific Category and Speciality.

It is expected that this platform will enable professional engagement via live chats, so experts are required to respond to questions/enquiries from customers specifically around expert's area of speciality. Customers can ask an expert on any issue based on the Expert’s profile speciality.

How many Live Chats can an Expert be engaged in at any one time?

There is no limit to the number of live chat experts can engage in at any time with customers.

Can experts also initiate chat with customers?

Live chats can only be initiated by customers and not the by experts i.e, experts can only respond to customer request but they cannot initiate any live chat to other customers or experts from the expert module.

What happens if the Expert does not have much time?

The Platform has been modelled to enable quick engagement and insight/information sharing hence ALL initiated live chats from customers are by default set at ONLY 10 minutes. It is expected that within this short timeframe, you should be able to express or respond to customers based on the enquiries they make. If the 10 minutes is insufficient for the customer's enquiry to be fully answered, the customer has the option to ADD time from their mobile customer app module. Expert can accept or reject request for additional time from customer if not suitable and cannot add time from the expert module.

If the customer still need to discuss further with expert, they can both agree on an appointment on the platform. After the chat, the customer can them book such appointment.

Can Experts share contact details with customers?

We strongly advise that personal contact details only be shared where necessary for further professional engagement or business with the customers. Experts can decide to share their contact with customers at their own discretion/risk. Visit the Expert Terms & Conditions page on for more information.

How can Expert withdraw Accumulated funds from their account on Ask an Expert?

Each Expert has a Balance menu tab which they can view to see the Total Accumulated Funds generated, based on ALL the live chat responses provided. This account summary also highlights ALL other deductions to be made based on regulatory requirements like Tax as well as our platforms service commission fees of 20% per live chat.

We have set the minimum withdrawal amount to be NGN 5,000.00. Each Expert also has a Withdrawal / Donate Funds menu tab on the portal where they can initiate Withdrawal Request on Ask an Expert Platform. Experts are required to input the bank details correctly and confirm their request via the registered email to the desired bank they wish their funds to be paid into.

Experts have the option also to donate the funds to their favourite charity organisations. Once confirmed by Expert via registered email, this Withdrawal request will be processed and paid within 5-7 working days.

For Corporate expert accounts, ONLY the account administrator for that organisation will be able to withdraw the funds accumulated by ALL the experts registered under that organization's profile if the organization chose the option of managing experts account when registering.

What will happen if Experts do not respond to live chats they have Accepted?

It is expected that once Experts select the ACCEPT option prompted from the customer live chat request, the expert will ensure they are professional, not distracted for the amount of time they are engaged in live chats with the customers especially for the Experts that have collected a fee for their time.

We also carry out a Quarterly performance assessment on the entire solution and can choose to suspend any Expert we may consider not to be appropriately providing the required expertise due to the overall ratings and comments provided by mobile customers on that Expert.

Can customers report Experts and vice versa?

Yes! Apart from the rating and comment option to be provided by customers, they can also directly report any incidence they are not satisfied with based on a live chat session. This will be done via the customer service portal provided where details of the grievance can be provided and vice versa for Experts, who can also report customers.

These incidences will be investigated thoroughly by own administration team and several decisions can be taken due to the nature and results of our investigations, which will be clearly communicated to the parties involved.

Do Experts have to accept all chat requests?

This is at the Expert or Corporate Organisation discretion however whilst ONLINE you are required to ACCEPT request so that you can ADD value to others.

How can Expert deactivate Ask an Expert account?

The system automatically notifies Experts of their inactivity every 7 days if they have not logged in at all for those days. However, if Experts wish to be removed from Ask an Expert, they can send a notification email to requesting for their accounts to be deactivated or suspended.

What are the benefits of Ask an Expert to expert?

Apart from the value you can create by sharing your expertise easily with others that may need it, you can also subscribe to the service as a customer, if you have an MTN Nigeria line. As a customer, you also enjoy the benefit of engaging experts in other fields and specialities for insight and information.

The Ask an Expert platform will soon be available also to other mobile network operators in other African countries and beyond. This will allow for a wider customer base to access Experts in any locality or region to engage via live chats. For example, at your fingertips, you can engage experts or respond to customers in Kenya and vice versa.

This is your direct handle to enrich others and be enriched, welcome to the new world! Ask an Expert!!!

For other clarifications on this Value Added Service (VAS) solution, please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on or contact us via email on or call us direct on +234 (0) 700 EXPERTS.

Last edited Oct 09 2017.